Mrs. Byrne's
First Grade Classroom

A Little About Mrs. Byrne

This will be my sixteenth year teaching first grade at Christ the King School.  I came to CKS after receiving my undergraduate degree at the University of Vermont in elementary education. I also finished a master's program at UVM and earned a degree in Mathematics’ Instruction and Curriculum. My husband, Chris, and I have two children and we live in the town of Georgia.  Our son, Nolan, is six years old and our daughter, Juliette, is four years old and they both attend school at Christ the King.

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe in a learning environment in which students feel comfortable, where expectations and rules are consistent and clear.  It is important to me that students feel safe and comfortable enough to ask questions, be themselves, and make mistakes.  I also believe that all children can and will learn through meaningful learning experiences. Children learn through many different learning styles, and it is very important to me that I teach using many different methods to reach all children.  I differentiate lessons to help each child reach their potential and feel successful and inspired. I let children know that I want them to do their PERSONAL BEST!   Celebrating success (big or small) along the way as a community of learners is something that is very important in my classroom. Not only do students learn as individuals, but students also work and learn together making the most of their learning. 

Christ the King

The mission of Christ the King School is to provide an excellent education in a Catholic community of love and care; to foster respect for self and others; and to nourish a life-long devotion to God and the teachings of Jesus Christ.



First graders love to celebrate birthdays.  If you would like you can send in a birthday snack for the class on the day of your child's birthday.  If your child's birthday falls on the weekend you can send their treat in on Friday or Monday.  I ask that you send in a snack that can be eaten with our fingers and something that doesn't need to be cut into pieces. It's also helpful to send in napkins or small plates too.  Thanks!


August 28th - Back to School BBQ 5:30 – 6:30p

August 30th – First Day of School – Noon Dismissal